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Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 11.41.39 PMOn the eve of the 49th anniversary of “Dark Shadows,” David Selby and I presented Emmy-nominated Bob Cobert with the Saturn Award for Lifetime Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 11.42.25 PMAchievement… what a joy to present this wonderful man and brilliant composer with a much deserved award.
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From the ceremony, here is a behind-the-scenes peek at the transcript….

(Kathryn) Good evening, I’m Kathryn Leigh Scott. 49 Years ago tomorrow, I appeared on the first episode of Dark Shadows playing Maggie Evans and later, Josette DuPres, who, thanks to Bob Cobert, had her own theme song . . .

(David) . . .and I’m David Selby – I played Quentin Collins and thanks to the gentleman we are about to honor, my character had his own Grammy-nominated, top 10 theme song –

(Kathryn) David, could you hum a few bars?

(David hums the opening bars).

(Kathryn) – Bob Cobert is a wonderfully gifted composer of many kinds of music – jazz, classical, big band, pop-rock, western, disco and even game shows – but his 7 decade career is best-known for the dramatic scores he has written, arranged and conducted for dozens of suspenseful films and television programs.

 (David) – From DARK SHADOWS and The Night Stalker to Burnt Offerings and The Winds of War, BOB COBERT has taken millions of viewers on a magnificent musical journey of thrills, chills and romance – let’s take a look.


(Kathryn) – It is our extreme pleasure to present Bob Cobert with the Saturn Award for Lifetime Achievement. 

 Bob Cobert walks on stage to

Accept his award . . .

Here are samples of his work.  His music remains remains evocative, innovative, sometimes puckish, and always deeply felt.

For Bob’s entire credits, please visit his iMDB page.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Bob Cobert

  1. Bob Cobert is an awesome man that has proved his brilliance time & time again. With a little luck his music will last forever.


  2. Thank you for posting this honor to Robert Cobert and his music which is composed through with developed theme and expressed meaning, passion; I loved his work with Dark Shadows and now hear that he has much more music that I’ve not heard before. Thank you.


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